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About The Royal Driving School !

We are located in Los Angeles, CA and provide driving lessons and instructor training to all surrounding areas.

We come from years of experience in teaching and training behind the wheel driving skills with highest regard for safety. Our school provides lessons for all age groups with clean and comfortable cars.

We provide training from novice to advanced drivers and also offer Pass Plus for newly qualified drivers.Our instructors are well qualified and experienced professionals (Both Male and Female) who teach defensive driving techniques, city driving as well as road and motorway driving with an extensive experience in driving techniques in English and Spanish Language. We provides lessons for everyone regardless of their age, gender, race, religion and sexual orientation.

Today's teenagers want a driver's ed class that meets their needs That means using internet based technology and interactive lesson plans that don't put them to sleep. On the other hand, parents are looking for education at fair prices and a course that truly educates and prepares their child for the responsibility that comes with driving on California's congested roadways.

At Royals Driving we provide everything needed to satisfy both parents and teenagers - from interactive lessons completed at your own pace, unlimited DMV practice tests, driving statistics and examples, and much more. Get the best driver's ed available in the Golden state when you choose Royals Driving to satisfy your driver's education requirement. Feel free to call our office for a non-obligation consultation.

Reason We Succed

It is our approach! We help drivers to under-
stand that humans make shocking drivers and in order to do it correctly in application requires us to concentrate . Our course starts with a FREE rules of the road DVD viewing- a vion curriculum for parents and new drivers. This can only work..

Why Royal Driving

  • No.1 in Los Angeles and surrounding areas
  • Making You a good safe defensive driver.
  • It is about positive driving attitude.
  • Helps To reduce insurance rates.
  • Professional driving on addordable prices
  • Goverment certified drivers

Our Contact Details

Royal Driving School
1110 N Western Ave, #108
Los Angeles, CA 90029
Phone : (323) 464 -6669
Email :

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