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Welcome To Royal Driving School !

It has always been our school policy to provide the highest standard of informative driving instructions to our students. Our school is committed in molding better, safer and law abiding drivers. We give emphasis on the importance of driver safety in order to make our roads and highways safer for all road users

Our experienced instructors are patient and understanding. We teach you at your own pace whether you are already driving or just learner. We are the experts at training you the necessary skills to pass your driver's road test and more than that to become comfortable behind the steering wheel. Our instructors know what it takes to be an excellent driver and they will be happy to teach you

Our representatives are available to answer your inquiries anytime day or a night, . You may contact us at (323) 464-6669. We are looking forward in sharing our best with you. Thank you for your trust in our

Reason We Succed

It is our approach! We help drivers to under-
stand that humans make shocking drivers and in order to do it correctly in application requires us to concentrate . Our course starts with a FREE rules of the road DVD viewing- a vion curriculum for parents and new drivers. This can only work..

Why Royal Driving

  • No.1 in Los Angeles and surrounding areas
  • Making You a good safe defensive driver.
  • It is about positive driving attitude.
  • Helps To reduce insurance rates.
  • Professional driving on addordable prices
  • Goverment certified drivers

Our Contact Details

Royal Driving School
1110 N Western Ave, #108
Los Angeles, CA 90029
Phone : (323) 464 -6669
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